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Intarsia Patterns: The intarsia images you see below are available for sale as patterns. They are $10.00 each unless otherwise stated.  Please feel free to e-mail me to order patterns or for further information at jsquare@square-designs.com I usually send patterns to you by e-mail both in jpg and PDF formats, along with a photo of the completed piece for your reference.  If you would prefer a hard copy, $3 shipping charges apply.  Please send me an e-mail indicating pattern number, description and whether you would like them e-mailed or hard copy.  I accept paypal, check or money order, Mastercard and Visa. (Please do not e-mail me any credit card information - it is not secure)

Silhouettes:  All of the cat and dog silhouette patterns on the "Silhouettes" page are available for sale. These are all my own designs.   You can purchase any of these patterns via PayPal, money order, etc. and I will e-mail you a full 8x10 size pattern which you can adjust to any size needed.  The cost for each Silhouette Pattern is $6.00.   Please e-mail me at jsquare@square-designs.com  Hard copies also available - postage charges apply.

Please go to www.square-designs.weebly.com for a complete list of all available patterns including new ones from designer Lucille Crabtree.

Payment for patterns can be made by paypal (preferred method), money order, VISA or MasterCard.  Please e-mail for additional information!

Cat Intarsia Patterns Available

CAT001  Babycat
54 pieces
CAT002 Fuzzball
35 pieces
CAT003 Hanging out Cat 
34 pieces
CAT004 Kitten in the Leaves
39 pieces
CAT005 Sneaking Out Kitty
46 pieces
CAT006 Maine Coon Kitten 
47 pieces
CAT007 Stretching Kitten
50 pieces
CAT008 Maine Coon
51 pieces
CAT009 Bedtime Kitty
36 pieces

CAT12 Ragdoll
CAT010 Tinkerbelle
59 pieces
CAT011 Pixiebob
 44 pieces
CAT016 Bobcat on the Rocks
Pattern $12.00
CAT013 Lap of LuxuryCAT014 Maine Coon kitten portrait
CAT015 Persian Cat  Pattern $12.00CAT017 Persian FaceCAT018 Siamese
CAT019 Kitten in StockingCAT020 Myrtle The Garden Helper

Dog Intarsia Patterns

DOG001 Golden Retriever
34 pieces
DOG002 Boxer
25 pieces
DOG003 Mastiff
57 pieces
DOG004 Small Mastiff
39 pieces
DOG005 Pug
58 pieces
DOG006 Irish Wolfhound
46 pieces
DOG007 Weimaraner
20 pieces
DOG008 Australian Shepherd
38 pieces
DOG009 English Springer Spaniel
31 pieces
DOG010 Cocker with Bone
34 pieces
DOG011 Akita
78 pieces Thank you John for creating this fine piece! You did my pattern justice!
DOG012 Miniature Pinscher
53 pieces
DOG013 Basenji
35 pieces
DOG014 Welsh Corgi
58 pieces
DOG015 Bulldog puppy
59 pieces
DOG016 Cairn Terrier (or Westie)
54 pieces
DOG017 Pit Bull Puppy
Chloie.  Thank you Sue for bringing Cloie to life!
DOG018 Dachschund Puppy.

Other patterns available

Coastal Lighthouse
Wood DuckPond Life
Pattern $12.00
FRG001 Shy Frog
24 pieces
BR001 Cactus WrenBR002 Chickadee on branch.

All of these intarsia pattern designs are copyright by the artist and may not be copied or used without permission.  Patterns may be purchased and by doing so, you are authorized to make up to 10 copies of that pattern for your own personal use. 

Lucille Crabtree patterns available for sale:

column 4
LCMC Lucille Crabtree Maine Coon $12.00
LC My Serenade $12.00
LC Hummer and Hibiscus